1 /praIs/ noun
1 MONEY (C, U) the amount of money for which something is sold, bought, or offered: Fuel prices are rising steadily.
(+ of): Can you tell me what the price of a new window would be? | They agreed on a price of -2000 for the car. | high/low price: You can get cars in Europe at very low prices. | price increase/rise: Experts say that price rises will be gradual. | right price: We don't have to sell to the first buyer, we can wait for the right price. | at a good/fair etc price: You can get a three-course meal at a fairly reasonable price. | half/full price: I bought these jeans half price in the sale. | in price: Videos vary in price depending on the make. —see also: asking price ask (8), cost 1, cost price, list price, market price
2 at a price
a) used to say that you can buy something, but only if you pay a lot of money: You can get goat's cheese at the local delicatessen - at a price!
b) used to say that something can be achieved, but that it involves something unpleasant: She was finally made senior executive, but at what price!
3 at any price if you want to do something at any price you are determined to do it, even if it is very difficult: She was determined to have a child at any price.
4 not at any price used to say that you would never sell something, or do something, even for a lot of money: Sorry, that painting's not for sale at any price.
5 put a price on sth
a) to say how much something costs: Could you put a price on the damage the storm caused?
b) to give something a financial value: You just can't put a price on their fighting spirit.
6 the price of success/freedom etc the unpleasant or unwelcome things that you must suffer in order to be successful, free etc: Monroe paid the ultimate price of success, dying alone in her room.
7 What price fame/glory etc? usually spoken used to say that it is possible that it was not worth achieving something good, because too many bad things have happened as a result: Homeless widows and orphans viewing tonight's carnage may well ask, what price political independence?
8 AT HORSE RACE (C) the chance that a horse will win a race expressed in numbers; odds (4): “What price are you offering on 'Lucky Shot'?“ ”Seven to four.“
9 be above/beyond/without etc price to be extremely valuable or important
10 a price on sb's head a reward for catching or killing someone: running scared with a price on his head
11 everyone has their price used to say that you can persuade people to do anything if you give them what they want
—see also: cheap at the price cheap 1 (8), name your price name 2 (7), pay the price pay 1 (6) 2 verb (T)
1 (usually in passive) to fix the price of something that is for sale: a moderately priced apartment | be priced at: The tennis rackets are priced at -75 each.
2 to put the price on goods to show how much they cost
3 to compare the prices of things: We spent Saturday morning pricing microwaves.
4 price yourself out of the market to demand too much money for the services or goods that you are selling

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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